Update: June 10, 2013

Application for the Omi Kosodate Oen Card

What is Omi Kosodate Oen Card...?

The “Omi Kosodate Oen Card”is a card that can be used to obtain services such as receiving of presents from establishments within Shiga Prefecture. You may be able to avail of services such as receiving of presents from establishments displaying the “Omi Kosodate Oendan”stickers upon presentation of this card.

Who are qualified to be issued this card:

  1. Household with children under the age of 18
  2. Pregnant womem or their families
    ※One card may be issued per household.
Omi Kosodate Oen Card

What is Omi Kosodate Oendan...?

Omi Kosodate Oendan are establishments within Shiga Prefecture that support families with children by rendering services such as giving of presents to such families.

The details of this service, such as the days when it is available, may vary depending on the shops concerned. Please visit the Shiga Prefecture homepage or refer to brochures for particulars on the services and other shop information.

※List of participating Omi Kosodate Oendan registered establishments
(in Japanese only) 

Stickers displayed in registered establishments

To avail of this card...

Download the application form and fill out the necessary information, place the application form and postage stamp inside an envelope and send it.

What you need to send:

  1. Application form
  2. Stamp worth 90 yen (this will be used to send your card)
    ※ Please send190 yen worth of stamps if you want to avail of the brochure containing information, pictures and details of the services offered by the establishments (available in Japanese only).

Forwarding address

〒520-8577 (there is no need to write the complete address)

For inquiries, please contact the following: 
Shiga Prefectural Government Child・Youth Department
(Shiga Kencho Kodomo Seishonen-kyoku) 
e-mail: syoushika@pref.shiga.lg.jp
(Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog, Chinese, English) 
Fone: 077-528-3552 (Japanese only)

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