Update: June 10, 2013Dealing with Earthquakes Series No.5

Prepare for Secondary Earthquake Disaster

3 chances to extinguish fire

(1) When you felt a quake

If the initial quake is not too strong, put out the fire immediately. Make a habit of putting out fire even with a small quake.

(2) When a quake settles down

It is more dangerous to go near the fire in the middle of a strong quake. Wait until the movement settles, then put out the fire.

(3) When fire breaks out

The first 3 minutes after the fire breaks out is the most critical time. Even for the small fire, shout to neighbors for help and call 119. Utilize any ready material besides fire extinguisher or water, such as a wool blanket, to put out fire. However, when the fire reaches the ceiling, evacuate immediately. Close the door and windows of the room with fire to cut out the air supply.

How to use fire extinguisher

1. Put finger through safety pin and pull upward.

Put finger through safety pin and pull upward.

2. Release hose and aim for the base of fire.

Release hose and aim for the base of fire.

3. Push lever hard to shoot out the agent.

Push lever hard to shoot out the agent.

4. Move hose from side to side.

5. Face against the door to keep the passage clear from smoke and extinguisher agent.

How to put out fire by type of origin

Pan with hot oil

Pan with hot oil
  • Do not put water.
  • Cover it with wool blanket or big wet towel from the front of the pan to cut out air supply (can use extinguisher).
  • Do not throw in mayonnaise.


  • Remember that the fire may gain force if the door is opened without caution.
  • Turn off the main cock of the gas, and then gradually open the door. Put out fire all at once.

Kerosene heater

Kerosene heater
  • Dump the water from the top.
  • If kerosene is spreading on the floor, cover it with wool blanket, etc. then, dump the water (can use extinguisher).


  • Unplug electronics, and then put out fire.


  • Roll on the floor, have someone beat out the fire (can use extinguisher).
  • If your hair is burning, cover your head with towel or clothing (do not use synthetic fiber).

Curtain/Paper sliding door

Curtain/Paper sliding door
  • In order to prevent the fire from reaching the ceiling, take down the curtain and kick down the sliding door before putting out the fire.

Key point for evacuation from fire

Key point for evacuation from fire
  • When the fire reaches to the ceiling, do not fight it. Evacuate immediately.
  • Assist people with disabilities first.
  • Do not worry about what you are wearing or what to take with you. Evacuate as soon as possible.
  • If running through fire, run without hesitation.
  • Keep your body in low position to stay away from smoke
  • Do not return into the fire.
  • If someone is left in the fire, notify the nearest fireman.

Earthquake Insurance :

Fire insurance will not pay for the damage from the fire caused by earthquake. Earthquake insurance is an addition to the fire insurance. Confirm your insurance policy with your agent. «

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