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Update: June 10, 2013


Located in the center of Japan with convenient access to major cities. Less than 100 km away from two international airports.

mapShiga is ideally located within 100 km of multiple international airports and coastal areas near the center of Japan between the major cities of Osaka and Nagoya. Shiga is also serviced by the Meishin Expressway, one of Japan's major traffic arteries, and the Hokuriku Expressway, which together ensure easy access to all areas of the country.

Bordered by Fukui in the north, Gifu in the east, Mie in the southeast, and Kyoto in the west.

Shiga is surrounded by the Ibuki, Suzuka, Hira, and Hiei mountains. It is also home to Lake Biwa, Japan’s largest lake. Lake Biwa covers one-sixth of Shiga's total area and is fed by over 120 large rivers from the neighboring mountains.

(Photo courtesy of the Lake Biwa Environmental Research Institute)