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Update: June 10, 2013

Dealing with Earthquakes Series No.4

Be Prepared with Emergency Rations

Emergency Rations

Emergency Rations

These are the supplies that you take with you when you take refuge after an earthquake. They should be stored with gloves, shoes, a helmet etc, under or close to your bed. 15kg for men, 10kg for women and a comfortable weight for children is a good guide for load. Supplies should be packed into a rucksack for each person ready to escape.

  • Other Useful Items: Mobile phone charger (car cigarette lighter or disposable type), powdered milk, baby feeder, disposable nappies (diapers) rash ointment, cleansers, Maternity Record Book copy, baby food, reserve medication, prescription copy, okayu rice, hearing aid, radio, etc.
  • Personal name stamp (inkan), bank book, title deeds, precious metals should be stored in a bag that can be reached easily when you escape.

Emergency Supplies

Emergency Supplies

It is essential that you can survive until rescue help arrives. You should prepare enough for three days survival. Everything should be at hand when you need to escape.

Buying extra of your normal daily food results in a slightly luxurious emergency supplies if you have to escape. Don't forget to keep it fresh!

Other Equipment

You should leave tools in the place that they are needed

Other Equipment
  • Kitchen•Living Room (Fire Extinguisher)
  • Tools to escape from building (Axe)
  • Tools to escape from upper floors (Rope)

In order to get home from work on foot you should prepare the following: suitable shoes, gloves, towel, food, water, suitable clothes, map, photographs of your family, etc.

Where to Buy

Outdoor shops and home centres have emergency supplies corners but you can get what you need from almost any shop. It is a good idea to prepare emergency supplies as you do your everyday shopping .

  • Food :
    A mixture of long-life and everyday foods is recommended. Keep it fresh!
  • Torch & Radio :
    From electrical shops. Non-battery(solar, wind-up) types available.
  • Helmet :
    Construction site helmets can be bought at Home Centres, construction shops and DIY Shops. Cycle and motorcycle helmets can also be used.

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