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Update: June 10, 2013

Dealing with Earthquakes Series No.3

Secure Your Furniture


  • Confirm the strength of the ceiling before using the expandable bar.
  • Furniture on the carpet and tatami mat can fall down easier. Move it to different room or place a board underneath.
  • If you do not want any markings/scratches on the furniture, or screws cannot be used, add another board on the furniture surface and screw into it.

Buffet / Book shelf

Buffet / Book shelf
  • Store heavier books towards the bottom of the shelf. Reduce gaps between books as much as possible.
  • Apply splash prevention film on the glass.
  • Placing fabric underneath dishes can prevent slippage.
  • Avoid placing objects on the top of the shelf (They may fall off ).

TV / Computer

TV / Computer
  • Do not set it in high place.
  • Confirm the weight and expiration date of resin quake-absorbing sheet. For an extremely heavy object, use it with caution.


  • Use latches to secure drawers from opening.
  • Secure the refrigerator to the wall using the little knob on the back side (some models take special fixture) or use the wire between doors and attach it to the wall.


  • Secure the light bulb with the heat resistant tape.
  • Use wire or chain to secure hanging type lighting fixture to the ceiling (2~3 areas).


  • Use slip stopper for the legs. For the body, use plastic coated or taped wire (these products will not scratch the body of the piano) to secure from the wall.

Base of the walls

  • When securing furniture to the wall using hook, wire, chain or L shaped clamp, make sure that the screw is attached to the post, beam, center pillar or middle rail.
  • Plasterboard may not secure objects strong enough.

Air conditioning / Clock / Pictured frame

  • Use L shaped clamp or hook to secure to the wall.

Furniture Arrangement


  • No furniture should be in the bed room.
  • Avoid having large size furniture especially in children's and elder's rooms.
  • Do not sleep where the furniture may fall down.
  • Do not place any objects by the exit.
  • Place furniture in certain way so that it will not block the passage for escape.

Furniture ArrangementFurniture ArrangementFurniture Arrangement

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