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Update: June 10, 2013

Dealing with Earthquakes Series No.2

Do Not Panic within your Surroundings

Street of Buildings
Street of Buildings Watch out for collapsing buildings, falling objects such as broken window glass or signs, and the falling vending machines. Protect your head with a handbag and evacuate to an open space.
Underground shopping area
Underground shopping area The structure is durable and well equipped for fire. Follow instruction signs and guides to evacuate calmly after an earthquake has stopped
Elevator Push buttons for all floors and get out on the floor where the elevator first stops. If you are trapped, continue pushing the emergency button.
Train/Subway/Bus Hold on to the front seat or handle with both hands tightly. When you escape from the emergency exit, follow the instructions of the staff.
Residential area
Residential area Watch out for falling walls, gateposts, glass, roof tiles, and electrical wires.
When driving a car
When driving a car Hold the steering wheel firmly, pull over to the left side of the road and gather information from the radio. When you evacuate from the car, close the window, keep the door unlocked, leave the key in the car, and take your car registration if possible.
Department store/Supermarket
Department store/Supermarket Cover your head with a shopping basket or handbag. Wait at a safe place until earthquake stops so not to be crushed under articles or a shelf. Follow the instructions by the store staff for evacuation.

Care for people who need assistance in times of disaster

People who need assistance in times of disaster : People who have hard time coping with disaster by themselves, such as elderly people•babies•People who have physical or mental disabilities.

Elderly / Injured peopleElderly / Injured people

Use an emergency stretcher or carry them on your back to evacuate.

People with hearing disabilityPeople with hearing disability

Use gestures, write messages, or speak to them moving your mouth widely.

People with vision disabilityPeople with vision disability

When you evacuate, have them hold your elbow by one hand and hold the cane with the opposite hand. Guide them slowly. Walk carefully while explaining location of stairs and other obstacles.

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